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Our services are focused on prevention, generating savings and minimizing production stoppages.

We have the best infrastructure and technology in the region.

We offer on point solutions for the industrial market, supported by Parker, global leader in motion and control technologies, we deliver high quality products and solutions, when and where needed. Our staff is qualified to help you in store and on site.


On site services:

  • Diagnostic Meter, Service Master: measuring, recording and analyzing critical system data for any hydraulic or pneumatic system

  • Equipment for testing and commissioning proportional and servo proportional valves with onboard electronics.

  • Portable equipment for hydraulic assembly

  • Detection of parts per million contaminants in hydraulic oil.

  • Product knwledge training

In store services:

  • Hose Lab: Hose assembly and hydrostatic proof pressure test

  • Maintenance and reparation of Parker pressing equipment

  • PTS labels: barcode labels which allow us to identify and replace products faster, eliminating product identification guesswork that can lead to poor performance or delays

  • EO Ermeto pre-assembly 

  • Oxy-acetylene welding

  • Hydraulic tubing services, 37° flare JIC tube fittings, flat face seal fittings

  • Millimetric and standard tube bending

  • Industrial hose crimping up to 4”

  • Adaptations according to sample or design

Tell us what you need.
We are happy to help you.

Soon we will contact you.

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